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Part time / Full timeAdministrative Assistant at Engineering Firm - Decatur, TX09/08/2021Decatur
Part time / Full timeBusiness Development Coordinator – Decatur, Texas09/08/2021Decatur
Part time / Full timeEntry Level Technician 1 - Decatur, TX09/08/2021Decatur
Part time / Full timeFull Charge Bookkeeper09/08/2021Decatur
Full timeCivil Engineer - Mexico08/02/2022Mérida
Full timeApplication Programmer07/22/2022Mérida
Full timeLaser Scan Engineer/Technician 109/28/2021Dallas
Full timeMechatronics/Mechanical Engineer - Mexico02/04/2021Torreón
Full timeComputer Programming & Web Development - Mexico09/08/2021Torreón
Full timeArchitect - Mexico12/10/2019Torreón

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